A few words of explanation on this topic: we will discuss the changes and new obligations that came into effect on Monday 29 April 2013 regarding Commission Regulation (EU) No 185/2010.

This legislation recognizes and describes the binding obligations applicable to everyone who enters an airport, with reference to goods loaded on-board an aircraft (cabin or hold baggage, freight, cargo etc.).

The main innovation introduced by Reg. (EU) 185/2010 concerns the granting of the status of “known consignor”, which from 29/4/2013 will be the exclusive prerogative of the ENAC, therefore from that date whoever makes a shipment by air without the ENAC status of known consignor will be considered an “unknown consignor” and the entire contents of his consignment will be subject to security controls.

OTS Spa is authorized to conduct this procedure in the capacity of “Regulated Agent”.

We have always dedicated the utmost care and attention to aviation security. Our personnel are specially trained and our equipment ensures that shipments are handled fast, safely and efficiently. Consequently, we are in a position to reduce the risk of delays and interference with shipments.

Contact us for information about how your company can obtain the status of “known consignor”, you will receive support and assistance with the necessary arrangements